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The original inspiration for the 10-in-1 Boat Gadget started with a single problem to overcome. Every time Tim came in from a day on the water, he would set the boat’s drain plug and the adjustable wrench he used to remove the plug next to the motor in his boat. When he returned the following weekend, the wrench would be rusted solid. After going through more than one adjustable wrench, he started looking for a better solution. What he decided he needed was a T-handle tool with a socket on the end to fit the drain plug, meaning no more adjustments to get a snug fit. Better yet, Tim thought, would be if he could make the handle and socket it out of plastic or stainless steel, so that even when left out in the rain it would not rust.

This original idea was a breakthrough for Tim, but it was just the beginning. What started as a single purpose tool began to grow in Tim’s mind, and he started sketching out ideas for a multi-tool, one that would serve more and more purposes on his boat, and would in-turn displace more rusty tools from his toolbox. Why couldn’t this one tool fit all drain plugs? If it could do drain plugs, why not deck plates? Or gas caps? After some more research, development, and the evolution of a few prototypes, the Boat Gadget became what it is today: ten different tools that every boater needs, all in one handy gadget made from molded rust-proof plastic and rust-resistant stainless steel inserts and self-tapping screws.

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The final touch was to add a handy clip with which the Boat Gadget could be mounted and safely stored, so that it was always ready when you needed it. It has a home and is ready to save the day. Best of all, the Boat Gadget comes with a lifetime warranty.

“Every boater has all these different tools onboard their boat, and many times the tools are scattered everywhere, so having them all in one handy gadget just made a lot of sense. And with the U-clip that comes with every Boat Gadget, the tool always has a home.” 

-Tim (Inventor and Founder of Boat Gadget)

Tim and his family reside in Port Orange on the East Coast of Florida. As avid boaters, they are out on the water in their boat just about every weekend. Tim grew up boating with his family, and those decades of experience with watercraft have inspired and informed his design for the Boat Gadget. Besides boating, something else his family has in common is a knack for inventions. His sister and brother-in-law are the inventors and founders of Subsafe, another boat-friendly invention, which was featured on Shark Tank.

Boat Gadget Product Image

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